Thursday, 5 June 2014

Life Long Learning

Arithmetic is dead!

 Dr. Sugata Mitra poses the question whether children in 20 years time will need the skills associated with arithmetic. Or perhaps, like the skills taught 200 years ago of riding a horse or shooting, arithmetic will instead become a thing of the past and children will be doing it as a hobby or sport...

This Blog has been set up to run alongside the Research undertaken at the University of West London on Future Learning / an inquiry into how technology can effect pedagogy. The wonderful thing about this blog is that the fact all the small video clips, newspaper artistic and online media that has become the foundation and basis for much of the ontological and philosophical background of the research journey and can now be shared and discussed 'live', giving viewer the chance to comment, becoming part of this exciting research. 

Future Learning Short Documentary

This moving video is a wonderful insight in to future of how the education systems may look, with a specific reference to how technology being used to 'revolutionise' the way children learn.  Dr. Sugata Mitra one of the leaning authorities in technology and pedagogy is a strong believer in the need for change in education and explains his 3 key proposals for the curriculum of the future. What do you think?

Sir Ken Robinson - Leading a Learning Revolution

In this emotional and thought provoking discussion Sir Ken Robinson talk through his vision of future education questioning historic educational constructs and sights key drivers needed for change.

Noam Chomsky - The Purpose of Education

Noam Chomsky the "father of modern linguistics" discusses his views on the nature of education, the future and the way forward. Chomsky's views on the impact of technology, whether education should be perceived as a cost or an investment and the value of standardised assessment raise many questions.

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