Monday, 2 June 2014

Flipping Your Classroom Jonathan Bergmann - Aaron Sams a review

With 37 years experience between them Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams give a step by step guide explaining how to  'flip your classroom'. With useful antidotes from practitioners practicing the art of the flipped classroom and real world examples, this text is a key manual for anyone looking to use technology to change pedagogy in their setting. 

The text has an informal feel with the authors purposely chunking the topics into smaller section giving the reader the chance to pop in and out extracting techniques and information to suit their needs. 

The text gives a chronological review of the authors journey, how they experimented, the pitfall they came across and what worked well for them. It describes how the methodology can be used to engage parents, cater for different learning styles and captivate children who have become disenfranchised, children who have become accustom at  'playing school'.

The book set is stool out early explaining it is not a research paper and as such has little or no referencing, which taken in mind the time it was written and the fact many of the concepts employed had never been done before is not totally unsurprising.

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